Lithuanian union of free people

Liberal is a free human, but not a slave anarchist



I do not want to be a slave, and you?

Approaching a challenge – self-government elections. Do we really know what does it mean self-goverment?

Lithuanian Liberal and Centre Union. All the country’s liberals unite! These two phrases are the party’s name and slogan, whose annoys many, and it is quite understandable. I can freely call this party as the Lithuanian union of free people. In this case only the clear sound of words replaces the meaning in Lithuanian and makes its more understandable.

But first I would like to explain the differences for who’s who do not distinguish the liberal from the anarchist or saboteurs. Liberal in a common sense means a free human. Without going into deep scientific sophistications I can only say that a person is free to the extent that he can take decisions and at the same time respect the interests of other people and the environment (e.g. nature,…).

The opposite to the free man is a slave. Someone who is in slavery is not free in his or her decisions, because they must take into consideration the will of slave-owner. The slavery also has freedom to limit, in which slaves are entitled to make decisions, but this is not the same life and decisions made by free people.

Democracy and, especially, true democracy is possible only within society of free humans (nobody is slavering to anybody).

Therefore, my vision is of Lithuania as a country with a population of free people.

How can this be achieved and what to do?

It is very simple to become free. You just have to realize on thing that freedom without responsibility and rights without duties is the slavery. However, it is very hard to give up the benefits of slavery. Slavery gives to the people a sense of security, nourish and clothe, warm, and even make the pursuit of creativity, but it is happening as long as you faithfully serve the slave-owner. However, the slave-holder is free to you to sell, exchange, and kill the scout at any time as soon as it his convenience.

You may say that slavery has been long time ago eradicated. Unfortunately, at this point people are likely to be deceived and deceive others.  Slavery is modifying and changing, but still exists. During the liberalization of the society, personal slavery change the collective, the collective becomes the legal, the legal to psychological. Psychologically the slavery dependence of each individual human is associated with survival instinct. Weaker tend to lean to the stronger. The strong group has better chance to survive, too. This is natural and is not objectionable. However, even while the group together, people’s relationships can be slavery – hierarchical organized or democratic – team formation (from the word team, the team members complement each other with their different abilities and talents, and not another word command, which means order).

Free people can easily develop and modify the teams for certain tasks. Hierarchically organized teams are stiff and no efficient.

How do you can become free?

First, it should be understood how our own selfishness (EGO) is influencing our decision making process. A simple example of a human who worked for many years as the state employee and received a mouthful of bread from the state and other graces, at the situation then suddenly he gets the information that this is over, and he will have earn  by himself as a free human.  How do you think if this human will be happy about freedom? Really he or she does not care about it. Because he or she is depending on somebody or something, when the responsibilities and obligations for survival are imposed on some else and security of personal living conditions seems much stronger.

How would you think, will a human sell the idea of distant freedom in exchange of a bite of bread today and will he or she continue to serve humble slave-owner? Yes, you are right, every normal egoist will do so.

This is a very good illustration of the fact that the slave syndrome lies within us, our thinking, perception and psychology. As well as there lies the opposite of the slave syndrome which is the ruler or our inner “dragon” who wants to rule others. Slave and Master’s Syndrome psychologically forcing us to shape public hierarchical management chain, to fight for the position within the government for a single purpose – just to ensure a more stable and better place within society, regardless of our abilities and real needs.

A free man always acts on the contrary, in exchange for the satisfaction of their needs they offer an agreement in which none of the parties is on higher or lower positions. Everyone is free to agree or disagree. It is understood that this process is complicated and provides less security in the near future. But in the long term, if it is agreed on general and major part of individual interests, the agreement becomes a free-living system, which ensures the stability within the framework of an agreement for all participants, not just as individuals as it is in slavery.

Another problem which should be removed, it is a division of parties or groups of people into the left and right political forces.  It is an obsolete hierarchical and slavery system, which specifies the type of slave-owner. There are two known types of slavery system: a collective or personal. 

The collective model of slavery is represented by the left parties or socialism. Personal model is represented by the right parties and capitalism, representing slavery for private wealth accumulation and egoism.

Lithuania had escaped from socialism – the ideological slavery concentrating efforts into the movement for freedom. However, we personally over twenty years of independence, could not escape from personal slavery, based on the external legal system created to preserve a value money and wealth within society, and will of internal slave and “dragon” of our own.

This is evidenced by the peculiarities of communication between people when one accuses the other, without assuming any personal responsibility. That is because of fact that responsibilities are perceived as the only source of income and wealth, which does not require work and effort. Only slave can attack another slave only because of the slave-holder wishes, even if it is just a small “dragon” hiding inside of us.

I am extremely grateful to the global economic crisis because it has forced me to express myself and help others understand the true values of humanity and the essence of life.

One of the political challenges is change of public perceptions of management of the society and evaluation system of party structures.

I think it is time for politicians not to be divided by the type of slavery they choose  a collective (left) or individual (right), but by dependence on how much freedom for themselves and other co-citizens, they offer total regain from the slavery, and which elements of slavery they suggest to overcome in the near future.

Self-government is one of the most democratic forms of public governance, because all participants are treated as equals. Therefore, strengthening of the self- governance is one of the most effective ways to learn how to make agreements to live together without slavery.

Discovering and exploration of the “slave” and “dragon” hidden inside ourselves is a required aim and self-service tool to one who wants to become a free human. To distinguish the real wishes and aspirations from ones implied by the slavery system is a daily challenge. The daily activity is the negotiation with yourself, your ego, and others around you. This is the only way for everyone to be able to overcome his or her psychological fear of the freedom and learn how to enjoy it.

I was lucky.  I discovered the “slave” and “dragon” by myself. I have found the reasons of their existence and decided to get rid of their influence. Psychologically, I’m already free. The only problem is that there is no many people to whom I can talk to. There are so many of “dragons”, slaves and slavery around. When you listen, it may seem that a human seeks the freedom. But if you look at what he does then you can see that he or she is a slave. Therefore, I try to explain to people that they have to get rid of their slave syndrome, and to become free. But instead they require the social security from me.

Therefore I ask myself if there are any other such people who want to live freely and happily in Lithuania or just play that are “free” and “happy” slaves.

My motivation – I do not have any desire to improve personal, psychological and legal regime of slavery in Lithuania. I want to create and develop Lithuania, where the free and happy people live.

If you want to understand and or create a true freedom for people in Lithuania, please feel free to e-mail or make a call. We always agree on mutually convenient time and place to meet each other for a discussion or development project.

Therefore, I invite in Lithuanian – all free citizens of Lithuania don’t be indifferent, and go to be united in fighting slavery. Let’s start from ourselves, continue with the municipality, and finish in Lithuania. I have no doubt that other countries will follow our example, because they also need to make a chose between freedom and slavery.

 Sincerely yours,

 Virmantas Galdikas